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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Basic Black
Almost 2 years ago I was a mother of 2 children under the age of 2yo. Because of that I needed to have The Mother of All Purses.

As you can see, that is more like a stifling, huge carry-all, but so much better than a "diaper bag". The picture really doesn't do it justice, as it has become droopy with wear and tear. You could fit everything in it.

101 diapers-check!
300 wipes-check!
baby medicine-check!
3 extra outfits for baby-check!
1 extra outfit for toddler-check!
tubes of baby products we almost never used-check!
extra pacifiers-check
nursing pads-check!
nursing pillow-check!
feminine products-check
reading materials-check!
personal identification, library card- check, check!

The bag held everything except a special place in my heart.

What reasonable woman wants to live out of the hoover dam of all purses? And yet, what option does she really have when she's a mommy? None what-so-ever.

Two years later? Heaven. The purse. Beautiful black, simple, clean lines, I think I may want to divorce my husband to marry this purse, purse.


I can even fit a couple emergency diapers and wipes into it. Because after all, I am still a mommy.
Blogger Megan said...
Oh my gosh - love, love, love it. Longing for the day . . .